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1.Figure 7-1 sketches these relationships.

2.The graphical representation of these functions is shown in Figure 1.

3.The xx may be depicted as in Figure 1.

4.Figure x shows the schematic diagram of the ...

5.Figure 1 though 2 provide a ... that ...

6.the architecture of this expert system for ... is illustrated in Figure 2.

7.Figure 2 gives the outline of an ... system

8.Table shows the ...

9.as shown in Table 1 and 2

10.This concept is illustrated in Figure 2

11.At the top of Table xx are shown two blocks of data.

12.Each table or matrix has constructs xx through xx as row headings, ...

13.xx through xx as column headings.

14.A table of .. is developed and significant recommendations are made.


To Indicate Addition

additionally, again, also, and then, as can be easily understood, besides, equally important, especially, finally, for the same reason, first, further, furthermore, in addition, last, likewise, moreover, next, second, third, too, evidently, obviously, roughly speaking, broadly speaking

To Indicate Cause and Effect

accordingly, as a result, consequently, for this reason, hence, in short, otherwise, then, therefore, thus, truly

To Indicate Comparison

in a like manner, likewise, similarly , alternatively

To Indicate Concession

after all, although this may be true, at the same time, even though, even so , I admit, naturally, of course

To Indicate Contrast

and yet, at the same time, but, for all that, however, yet, in fact, in contrast, in the real life, in spite of, nevertheless, notwithstanding, normally, on the contrary, on the other hand, still, traditionally, rather, unfortunately

To Indicate Time Relationships

after a short time, afterwards, as indicated earlier, as long as, as soon as, at last, at length, at the moment, at that time, at the same time, before, earlier, currently, immediately, in the meantime, in recent years, lately, later, meanwhile, often, of late, presently, recently, soon, shortly, since, thereupon, temporarily, therefore, until, when, while

To Indicate Special Features or Examples

for example, for instance, incidentally, indeed, in fact, in other words, in particular, in practice, specifically, that is, to illustrate, in this respect, theoretically, as mentioned before / above

To Indicate Summary

in brief, in conclusion, in short, in summary, on the whole, to conclude, in general, to summarize, to sum up, as a result, ultimately


1.build a ... model

2.build up the key link

3.began a new era in ...

4.can be   regarded as / achieved / used to/for / found / obtained through

5.can result in

6.carries out ... tasks

7.production information in order to simultaneously

8.contains all information necessary to describe

9.do not make use of production information

10.deals with

11.end with failure

12.fetch the information from the model directly

13.has great potential / yet to be resolved / spurred the development of 

14.been recognized as

15.Be aimed at / built up / carried out by / essentially concerned with / considered to be the key technology / associated with each feature of a compo

16.site component / cable of / currently implemented for / demonstrated by an example / finally reached / made equal to / equivalent to / more suitable to / oriented to / interpreted as / pointed out / potentially of great benefit in the complex task of / shown in / used to effectively guide the search

17.makes use of

18.make up

19.meets the needs of real life production,/ the current demands placed upon it

20.must be justified

21.point out

22.play an important role

23.relates to

24.rely on

25.satisfy the needs

26.determine the total requirements for the ...

27.uses ... as a key to search for...

28.without relying on

29.will be available/ performed/ overlooked


1.a basic technical function of

2.a critical need

3.a key / principle feature of

4.a substantial impact on

5.an intensive review was conducted

6.an increasing need for expanding the application of ...

7.an important component / function / aspect / issue

8.each rule is numbered in sequence

9.each of these involves

10.for this calculation, it is necessary to define

11.in the physical environment / integration of

12.in the reality of situations where …

13.many aspects of

14.most past efforts have been spent on ...

15.common sense to a well studied and documented technical field.

16.sources of additional information on ... are listed

17.systematic and rationally structured format

18.the basis on which a range of ... operations can be established is shown

19.The basic philosophy / principles of / key element / general hypothesis / candidate list of / concept of ... has attracted wide interest / function is concerned with / heart / impact / nature / role / task of / kernel functions

20.the number of parts needed to

21.the above statement means that

22.the output data is passed to

23.the proposed method / underlying principle

24.the recommendations made in this report, if implemented, should

25.this information resides in

26.this process is composed of ... different ... operation

27.along with the use of

28.concerning general aspects of

29.due to

30.for later use in generating...,

31.in turn

32.It is believed / noted / assumed / suggested / shown / quite evident / appears / implies that / intended for / of no important to

33.it can be claimed/concluded that

34.it demonstrates the decisions required of

35.it also provides information to ...

36.it becomes essential to

37.let ... be the probability that

38.once ... is written, it is compiled into ...

39.suppose it is observed that

40.this is because

41.this results in a

42.upon completion of the ... analysis,

43.when the knowledge is of mathematics or quantum physics, it will also be


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